I inspire justice-oriented qualitative researchers overcome the constant pressure to fragment and minimize themselves. I do so by guiding scholars through a process that aligns their purpose of being, while enhancing their research and writing skills to help craft empowered career paths.


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Find out how you can create an energizing scholarly agenda, effortlessly align theory, methodology, personality, community, and ancestral knowledge. Tap into your zone of genius. 

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Grab a Free Article Argument Chart to Organize Your Literature Review

Use this chart to organize all your articles and readings for your literature review. You can compare and contrast purpose, research questions, theoretical framework, design, and the so-what's of each article to create synthesis level arguments.

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Culturally Grounded, Compassionate, and Justice-Oriented Mentoring

Dr. Lenwood Hayman, Associate Professor

After talking with Kakali, I was able to realize the importance of doing work that resonates with me. She was also encouraging to me in reminding me that the work I was doing actually DID matter, despite how tragically humble I was about it. I appreciate Kakali's qualitative research expertise, compassion,  her humor and light-heartedness, which makes it easy to work with her and focus on expanding my well-being.

Dr. Jia "Grace" Liang, Associate Professor

I reached out to Kakali because of how she mentored other scholars of color. Her ability to do critical work without losing her cultural and justice roots is inspiring. I learned how to navigate the academy as an Asian scholar, think about methodologies critically, beyond the traditional choices, and mentor minoritized students and support their culturally grounded ways of being and "scholar-ing." 

Working with Dr. Bhattacharya

As a scholar and qualitative methodologist, I mentor nationally and internationally. I offer specific, customized mentoring. I specifically tune into what is it like to do the work, in your spaces, as you, in your body, with all its potentials and barriers. I stay current in the field via participating in multiple professional organizations, through my scholarship, and by being an editor for a critical and de/colonial qualitative research data analysis book series with Routledge, whose authors have won international qualitative research book awards. I encourage deep, critical, and compassionate introspection and expansive thinking about your paths ahead of you so you can shine in your brilliance.


Hang out with me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I am on TikTok but I have no game there. :)