Appointments with Dr. Bhattacharya

Appointments with me are rare, as I have very little time available for personal appointments. 

Ideally, I prefer to do individualized appointments, only if you have gone through one of my group programs or have participated in my membership group. 

I have set up an individualized consulting package  of three meetings that will include:

  • 3 one-on-one Zoom meetings for an hour
  • document review per meeting, no more than 10 pages double-spaced and typed 
  • Unlimited email support in between meetings
  • customized instructions, handouts, and resource sharing based on your particular need  

If you choose to schedule an appointment with me, please make sure that you offer as much details as you can so that I can assess the fit in order to work with you.
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What to expect?

Once you schedule an appointment, make sure you work on the questions to ask that are the most critical to you. The Calendly link will also ask you to submit relevant documents and questions. Please note I won't be able to do a close reading of any documents submitted ahead of time, but I will glance them over to understand the context of your questions.

During our meeting I will give you close feedback on issues such as
- developing manuscript
- data analysis
- handling reviewers' comments
- creating proposals
- creating dissertations
- creating book chapters and books
- and much more customized to your interests

I am Ready To Invest

Your Investment

Your investment is $1800 for three meetings and support between the meetings, in addition to resource sharing and customized instructions for your projects and needs.

Please note that this includes:
  • prior reading of your work
  • reading your responses to the Calendly questions
  • glancing over any documents you might have sent
  • sharing relevant resources such as articles, chapters, PDFs that are in my personal library
  • Unlimited email support in between meetings
  • one-hour Zoom meeting

My time is my most expensive commodity. Working with me individually could really move you from your stuck position to one of the abundant possibilities and could help you create an energized agenda for your work. A portion of your payment will go towards setting up a non-profit serving minoritized doctoral students' dissertation work. 

What Kind of Help Could You Seek From Me?

People Say All Sorts of Things

The best thing that I gained from working with Dr. Bhattacharya is hope after feeling lost and aimless for some years. I now know what papers I need to publish from my dissertation and how, and I am feeling more energized than I ever did in my earlier academic career. I have learned to be me again and proud of my achievements. 

Dr. Veena Balsawer, Independent Researcher

Our conversation helped in that way and, of course, just your vast knowledge of qualitative inquiry and methodology. I’m always floored. When I see women of color academics own their power, walk and talk confidently, and yet are still humble, it’s a reminder that I can be my whole self in this space.

Dr. Nicole Corley, Assistant Professor